Mental illnes


Intellectual Disability


§  It is an illness/ disease/disorder.

§  Can occur at any age.

§  It is a disease of brain or psyche producing significant behavioural or psychological disturbances associated with socio-occupational deterioration.

§  Causes: Multifactorial- Biological, Psychological, Social.

§  Clinical features : No developmental delay. IQ level can be normal or below normal.It means mentally retarded can have mental illness; infact  rate of mental illnesses amongst mentally retarded is very high in comparison to the individual with normal IQ. Speech can be irrelevant. Behavioral change is noted. Will have normal premorbid state.

§  Classification: Broadly divided into psychoses and neuroses.

§  Course: Usually fluctuating but can be progressive or static.

§  On early identification completely reatable.

§  It is a condition, not a disease.

§  Usually at childhood, can occur during the developmental period.

§  Below average general intellectual functionong originating during the developmental period and associated with impairment in adaptive behaviour.

§  Multifavtorial but orimarily biological. Psychosocial factors may also cause.

§  Usually developmental delay is noted. IQ is below 70. Behavioural problems may be there. Deficits in adaptive behaviour and learnng are noted. Usually no premorbid state.

§  Depending on the IQ level (mild, moderate, severe & profound).

§  Usually static but can be progressive.

§  If identified and intervened early, development and learning can be enhanced.